Introducing.... floral WRAPPING PAPER! A NEW collaboration with The Forest Feast!

8"x 10" ART PRINT — KIT
8"x 10" ART PRINT — KIT

8"x 10" ART PRINT — KIT

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Meet the newest portrait for the month of June!

With cool succulent sunnies and shirt full of blooms, this one is ready for summer! I found these sweet pink blooms in abundance near our home and knew I wanted to experiment with them — and now I want this shirt myself! Kit's hair is made of tree bark (which I found on the ground) and the rest is dried leaves and twigs, that I had saved from previous creations.  

As always, nothing is secured or permanent. Once she is photographed, her pieces are recycled back into the earth and/or saved for the next creation.

Print Details:

✻ 8" x 10" unframed print

✻ Museum quality art print created with fade resistant 19pt Savoy Cotton archival paper and ink

✻ Proudly printed locally in the Bay Area, California

✻ created by Miquela Raiche (©Great Honour Goods. All rights reserved.)