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|| ABOUT ||

|| FOR THEM ||

I’ve always admired, and had a curiosity for, the past.

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, and spent my summers visiting both sets of grandparents in Saskatchewan. Thinking back, I think this is where my love for beautiful objects began. 

Alf & Norma, my paternal grandparents, they were the keepers. Every single drawing, every photo, every old tool, every car part, and every spare fabric piece etc.. They were both talented, creative people, who made things with their hands – they saw opportunity and potential in items others might have thrown away. Going to their place was like a huge treasure hunt and I always loved that.

Peter & Jean, my maternal grandparents (who are still amazing at the age of 97 and 94) are more curated and intentional in what they keep. Milestone anniversary dishes, furniture from their first (self built) home, mementos from life on the farm. It's all well kept  displayed in perfect order, and in immaculate condition. They worked hard for these things - they mean something. There is nothing but pride for all of the items in their home with a story and memory attached to each of them. 

I’ve been honoured to be part of the next generation to preserve and proudly display many of their items in my own home today. The history, the sentiments, the stories, and the memories in them make them some of the most important things I own.

This little shop, Great Honour Goods, was named for this reason. For Alf & Norma, Peter & Jean. 


|| ABOUT ME ||

My career has always been in Interior Design and Home Furnishing. There’s nothing I appreciate more, style wise, than the union of nostalgic love and the modern home. Blending function, beauty and history into our everyday lives and the items we surround ourselves with.

I've also always been a flea market, antique store, and thrift shop junkie. If I happen to walk by a shop without going in, my head turns around until my body follows and I’m in the door. I love finding beautiful items; rich in history, sometimes mystery, that adds style and personality to a home. And, truthfully, I keep going in those doors and I can't keep it all (as much as I try)! The thought of being able to share these pieces with others, makes it even better.

Three years ago, while we were living in Toronto, my husband was given the opportunity to work in California. This came with the realization that I would be leaving the full time design job that I had lived and loved for more than a decade. 

Since moving, I've been lucky to be home with our now 5 year-old daughter, Nola, our 3 year old-son, Hendrix, and our new baby, Rhodes! I've truly loved every minute of watching them learn and grow, but this little shop has been on my mind for as long as I can remember and the timing finally felt right. I’m so excited it’s here! I’m also very excited you’re here – and that you read this far.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something that you love. 

 Miquela xoxo