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8"x 10" ART PRINT — "RUBY"
8"x 10" ART PRINT — "RUBY"

8"x 10" ART PRINT — "RUBY"

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Meet Ruby. 

Ruby was lovingly created using flowers, leaves, twigs and other foliage from the earth. The inspiration for Ruby all started with her hair, which was picked from a neighbours tree (...with permission, of course ;) The rest of the pieces were picked up throughout the neighbourhood and from my backyard. Nothing is permanent or secured. Once Ruby was photographed, her pieces were recycled back into the earth and/or saved for the next creation.

Print Details:

✻ 8" x 10" printed on 100% cotton cardstock

✻ image size is approximately 5.5" x 7"

✻ proudly printed locally in the Bay Area, California

✻ collected and created by Miquela Raiche

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